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modern adjective

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Example sentences of
modern adjective

  • Water pollution is a growing problem in the modern world.
  • He's known as the father of modern medicine.
  • The English that was spoken by William Shakespeare is very different from the modern English spoken today.
  • She is learning Modern Greek.
  • They live in one of the most modern cities in the world.
  • modern methods of communication including e-mail and the Internet
  • She cut her long hair for a modern look.
  • He made his old-fashioned apartment look more modern by changing the color of the walls and buying new furniture.
  • Their latest movie is a modern version of a classic children's story.
  • She has modern ideas about dating and marriage.

Detailed synonyms for modern adjective

1. Modern, recent, present-day, current, contemporary significan que tuvo lugar, comenzó a existir o se desarrolló en tiempos recientes.
  • Modern puede aplicarse a todo lo que no es antiguo o medieval <ancient and modern weapons>, o a todo lo que tiene las características de un período más reciente que otro <modern methods of farming>, o bien a todo lo que es considerado como nuevo, reciente o actualizado <everything in their house was modern>.
    antonyms: antique, ancient
  • Recent suele carecer de tales indicaciones, y puede aplicarse a una fecha que se aproxima al pasado inmediato, según la naturaleza del objeto bajo consideración <a recent change of plans>.
  • Present-day connota que existe o ocurre ahora <conditions in present-day Poland>.
  • Current connota practicado o aceptado ampliamente <current ideas about education> o perteneciente a, o que existe en el presente, frecuentemente en un sentido inmediato <the current political crisis>.
  • Contemporary sugiere que ocurre o comienza ahora o recientemente, frecuentemente al describir entidades culturales <contemporary jazz>.
2. See: New

Reverse translation for modern

moderno  - modern, up-to-date 
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