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miserable adjective

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triste, desdichado; miserable, desgraciado; desagradable, malo; despreciable, mísero

Example sentences of
miserable adjective

  • He had a miserable childhood.
  • My boss is making my life thoroughly miserable with her constant demands and criticism.
  • He felt lonely and miserable after his divorce.
  • I've had a miserable cold for the past week.
  • He lived in a miserable little shack.

Detailed synonyms for miserable adjective

See: Despondent

miserable adjetivo

miserable, wretched; paltry, meager; stingy, miserly; despicable, vile

Reverse translation for miserable

triste  - sad, gloomy, desolate, dismal, sorry, sorry-looking, downcast 
desdichado  - unfortunate, miserable, unhappy 
miserable  - miserable, wretched, paltry, meager, stingy, miserly, despicable, vile 
desgraciado  - unfortunate, unlucky, vile, wretched 
desagradable  - unpleasant, disagreeable 
malo  - bad, wicked, naughty, cheap, poor (quality), harmful, unwell 
despreciable  - despicable, contemptible, negligible 
mísero  - wretched, miserable, stingy, paltry, meager 
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