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mesmerize verb

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mesmerized, has mesmerized, is mesmerizing, mesmerizes
hipnotizar; cautivar, embelesar, fascinar
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Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer, 1734-1815. The verb mesmerize derives from his last name.

Example sentences of
mesmerize verb

  • The children were mesmerized by the TV show.
  • The crowd was mesmerized by the acrobats.

Synonyms of
mesmerize verb

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  • El verbo mesmerize viene del apellido de Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), un médico alemán que se cree que fue el primero en usar hipnosis como tratamiento médico.

Reverse translation for mesmerize

hipnotizar  - to hypnotize 
cautivar  - to captivate, to charm 
embelesar  - to enchant, to captivate 
fascinar  - to fascinate, to charm, to captivate 
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