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meager adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
magro, flaco; exiguo, escaso, pobre

Example sentences of
meager adjective

  • Every morning he eats a meager breakfast of toast and coffee.
  • We'll have to do the best we can with this year's meager harvest.
  • She came to this country with a fairly meager English vocabulary, but she is learning more words every day.
  • They suffered through several meager years at the beginning of their marriage.
  • Although she's now rich and famous, she remembers her meager beginnings as a child from a poor family.

Detailed synonyms for meager adjective

Meager, scant, scanty, skimpy, spare, sparse, insufficient, inadequate significan que no alcanza el nivel de lo normal, necesario o deseable.
  • Meager indica la ausencia de elementos, cualidades o cantidades necesarias para la riqueza, la sustancia o la potencia de algo <a meager income>.
    antonyms: ample, copious
  • Scant, scanty sugieren quedarse corto de lo que se desea, especialmente en cantidad o extensión <a scant three gallons> <supplies too scanty to last the winter>.
  • Skimpy suele connotar mezquindad o penuria como causa de la deficiencia <she was wearing a skimpy bikini>.
  • Spare puede connotar el no llegar a alcanzar un número o nivel adecuado, o simplemente la ausencia de superfluidad <a spare, concise style of writing>.
    antonyms: profuse
  • Sparse connota un esparcir fino de unidades <a sparse population>.
    antonyms: dense
  • Insufficient connota ser falto de poder, competencia o capacidad adecuada <insufficient funds to keep the office open>.
  • Inadequate connota no ser suficiente o suficientemente bueno <trying to work with inadequate information>.

Reverse translation for meager

magro  - lean (of meat), meager 
flaco  - thin, skinny, feeble, weak 
exiguo  - meager, paltry, scanty, trifling 
escaso  - scarce, scant, sparse 
pobre  - poor, impoverished, unfortunate, weak, deficient 
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