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matrimonial adjective

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Example sentences of
matrimonial adjective

  • she plans to focus on matrimonial concerns after she's established in her career

Synonyms of
matrimonial adjective

Detailed synonyms for matrimonial adjective

Matrimonial, marital, conjugal, nuptial, wedded significan característico de, perteneciente o relativo al matrimonio.
  • Matrimonial y marital se aplican a todo lo relativo al matrimonio y al estado casado <a matrimonial service that attempts to match young men and women> <a marital relationship built on mutual trust>.
  • Conjugal se aplica específicamente a las personas casadas y sus relaciones <the ideal conjugal relationship>.
  • Nuptial suele referirse al matrimonio o a la ceremonia de bodas <busy all week with the nuptial preparations>.
  • Wedded puede connotar matrimonial <wedded bliss> o bien estar comprometido exclusivamente con algo <they were still wedded to their old way of life>.

matrimonial adjetivo

marital, matrimonial

Reverse translation for matrimonial

matrimonial  - marital, matrimonial 
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