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luxurious adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
lujoso, suntuoso

Example sentences of
luxurious adjective

  • We stayed at one the most luxurious resorts in the south of France.
  • That store caters to the luxurious tastes of the rich.

Synonyms of
luxurious adjective

Detailed synonyms for luxurious adjective

1. Luxurious, sumptuous, opulent, plush, deluxe significan ostentosamente rico o magnífico.
  • Luxurious se aplica a lo que es exquisito y costoso y connota la gratificación de los sentidos y el deseo de confort <the most luxurious cars in the world>.
  • Sumptuous se aplica a lo que es abrumadoramente o extravagantemente costoso, espléndido o lujoso <the hotel's sumptuous lobby>.
  • Opulent connota el hacer alarde de lo lujoso, lo suntuoso, o lo costoso <an opulent wedding>.
  • Plush connota ser notablemente rico o lujoso <her plush apartment>.
  • Deluxe sugiere ser caracterizado por una elegancia, un lujo o un gasto especial <it was advertised as a deluxe resort>.
2. See: Sensuous

Reverse translation for luxurious

lujoso  - luxurious 
suntuoso  - sumptuous, lavish 
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