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lock noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
cerradura, cerrojo, chapa; mechón (de pelo); esclusa (de un canal)
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Example sentences of
lock noun

  • We had no key so we had to break the lock to open the door.
  • She was nervously tugging on a lock of her hair.

Synonyms of
lock noun

lock verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
locked, has locked, is locking, locks
cerrar; cerrarse (dícese de una puerta); encerrar; trabarse, bloquearse (dícese de una rueda); bloquear (una rueda)

Example sentences of
lock verb

  • They locked the door when they left and unlocked it when they returned.
  • She locked the bicycle to the railing with a chain.
  • He forgot to lock the car.
  • The car locks automatically when you start the engine.
  • The wheels locked and the car skidded off the road.
  • They were locked in each other's arms.
  • She locked her hands around the steering wheel.
  • The file is locked for editing.

Synonyms of
lock verb

Phrasal verbs for lock

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Reverse translation for lock

cerradura  - lock 
cerrojo  - bolt, latch 
chapa  - sheet, panel, veneer, lock, badge 
mechón  (de pelo) - lock (of hair) 
esclusa  (de un canal) - floodgate, lock (of a canal) 
cerrar  - to close, to shut, to close up, to lock up, to turn off, to close down, to bring to an end 
cerrarse  (dícese de una puerta) - to close, to fasten, to button up, to conclude, to end 
encerrar  - to lock up, to shut away, to contain, to include, to involve, to entail 
trabarse  - to jam, to become entangled, to be tongue-tied, to stammer 
bloquearse  (dícese de una rueda)
bloquear  (una rueda) - to block, to obstruct, to blockade 
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