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3 Translation results for limp in Spanish

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limp verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
limped, has limped, is limping, limps
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Injured football player limping off the field

Example sentences of
limp verb

  • The injured player limped off the court.
  • The dog was limping slightly.
  • The damaged ship limped back to port.
  • The company has somehow managed to limp along despite the bad economy.

limp noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
limp noun

  • We noticed that the dog was walking with a slight limp.

limp adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
fláccido; lacio (dícese del pelo); débil

Example sentences of
limp adjective

  • He gave me a very limp handshake.
  • This plant isn't doing well—look how limp the leaves are.
  • Her hair hung limp around her shoulders.
  • I suddenly went limp and collapsed on the floor.
  • He was limp with fatigue.
  • This plant isn't doing well-look how limp the leaves are.

Synonyms of
limp adjective

Detailed synonyms for limp adjective

Limp, floppy, flaccid, droopy significan deficiente en firmeza de textura, sustancia o estructura.
  • Limp indica una falta o pérdida de rigidez o cuerpo y una tendencia resultante a flaquear o desfallecer <the wounded soldier's limp body>.
  • Floppy se aplica a algo que se comba o que cuelga holgadamente, y suele connotar flexibilidad junto con una falta de rigidez que es natural o intencional <a large floppy hat that shaded her eyes>.
  • Flaccid se aplica primordialmente a tejidos vivientes e indica la pérdida de la firmeza normal, sobre todo aquélla relacionada con la juventud, o bien, la carencia de energía, fuerza o sustancia <after weeks in bed his muscles were flaccid>.
  • Droopy connota el doblarse o colgar hacia abajo como si por falta de energía o apoyo <a droopy mustache>.

Reverse translation for limp

cojear  - to limp, to wobble, to rock 
cojera  - limp 
fláccido  - flaccid, flabby 
lacio  (dícese del pelo) - limp, lank 
débil  - weak, feeble 
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