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noun | verb

limit noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
límite, máximo

Example sentences of
limit noun

  • He has reached the limit of his endurance.
  • In training, she pushed her body to its physical limits.
  • He tries to be creative within the limits of conventional journalism.
  • There are limits to what I can put up with from him!
  • They must not go beyond these limits.

Synonyms of
limit noun

limit verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
limited, has limited, is limiting, limits
limitar, restringir

Example sentences of
limit verb

  • We need to find ways to limit expenses.
  • He tried to limit the damage to his reputation by blaming other people.
  • A factor limiting our country's economic performance is its lack of resources.
  • Our lack of money limits our options.
  • Because of our lack of money, we have to limit ourselves to fewer options.

Synonyms of
limit verb

Detailed synonyms for limit verb

Limit, restrict, circumscribe, confine significan poner bordes o barreras a algo o alguien.
  • Limit indica el fijar un punto o una línea, por ejemplo, en el tiempo, el espacio, la velocidad o el grado, más allá del cual no está permitido ir <visits to the patients are limited to 30 minutes>.
    antonyms: widen
  • Restrict connota un estrechar, apretar o restringir dentro de, o como si fuese dentro de, un borde periférico o circundante <laws that restrict the freedom of the press>.
  • Circumscribe recalca una restricción en toda dirección y por límites claramente definidos <the court's decision was carefully circumscribed>.
    antonyms: dilate, expand
  • Confine connota una severa restricción dentro de bordes que no pueden o no deben de pasarse, y el entorpecimiento, la inmobilidad y la obstaculización resultantes <confined in a small jail cell>.

Related phrases for limit

Reverse translation for limit

límite  - boundary, border, limit 
máximo  - maximum 
limitar  - to limit, to restrict 
restringir  - to restrict, to limit 
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