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land verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
landed, has landed, is landing, lands
desembarcar (pasajeros de un barco), hacer aterrizar (un avión); aterrizar, tomar tierra, atracar; pescar, sacar (un pez) del agua; posarse; conseguir, ganar; dar, asestar

Example sentences of
land verb

  • The plane landed on the runway.
  • We watched the seaplanes landing on the water.
  • The bird landed in a tree.
  • A butterfly landed on the flower.
  • Our flight was scheduled to land in Pittsburgh at 4:00.
  • It was raining heavily at the airport when we landed.
  • The pilot was able to land the plane on the runway.
  • The golf ball landed in the trees.
  • I could not see where the ball landed.
  • The cat fell from the tree but landed on its feet.

Synonyms of
land verb

strip noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
strip noun

  • I want to buy a small strip of cloth.
  • the half-mile strip of road