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2 Translation results for lack in Spanish

verb | noun

lack verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
lacked, has lacked, is lacking, lacks
carecer de, no tener; faltar

Example sentences of
lack verb

  • His book lacks any coherent structure.
  • They lack a good strategy for winning the election.
  • This painting lacks any artistic value.
  • She has never been accused of lacking confidence.
  • Many of these people lack the basic necessities of life.

Synonyms of
lack verb

Detailed synonyms for lack verb

Lack, want, need, require significan estar sin algo que es esencial o que es muy deseado.
  • Lack puede indicar, una ausencia o una escasez <a club that lacked a meeting room>.
  • Want añade a lack la indicación de necesitar o desear urgentemente <you may have whatever you want>.
  • Need recalca la necesidad urgente más que la ausencia o la escasez <everyone needs a friend>.
  • Require suele ser intercambiable con need pero puede intensificar la indicación de necesidad urgente <a case that required attention>.

lack noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
falta, carencia

Example sentences of
lack noun

  • The problem is a lack of money.
  • She has been suffering from a lack of sleep lately.
  • Her problem is lack of sleep.

Reverse translation for lack

faltar  - to be lacking, to be needed, to be absent, to be missing, to remain, to be left 
falta  - lack, defect, fault, error, offense, misdemeanor, foul (in basketball), fault (in tennis) 
carencia  - lack, shortage, deficiency 
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