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kill verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
killed, has killed, is killing, kills
matar; acabar con, poner fin a

Example sentences of
kill verb

  • The disease has killed thousands of people.
  • Three people were killed in the accident.
  • It's a chemical that kills weeds.
  • It's not a disease that can kill.
  • They are taking drugs to kill the pain.
  • Despite protests, the mayor killed the program.
  • The committee killed the bill.
  • This delay has killed our chances of finishing the project on schedule.
  • She told him to kill the lights.

Synonyms of
kill verb

Detailed synonyms for kill verb

Kill, slay, murder, assassinate, execute significan privar de la vida.
  • Kill afirma meramente el hecho de la muerte como consecuencia de alguna acción realizada de alguna manera <frost killed the plants>.
  • Slay es un término primordialmente literario que indica el matar con deliberación y violencia <slew thousands of the enemy>.
  • Murder indica específicamente el matar con sigilo, motivo y premeditación, y por lo tanto con plena responsabilidad moral <convicted of murdering his parents>.
  • Assassinate connota el matar a una persona famosa o importante, generalmente por razones políticas <a plot to assassinate the premier>.
  • Execute recalca el dar muerte como una pena legal <to be executed by firing squad at dawn>.

kill noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
matanza; presa

Synonyms of
kill noun

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Reverse translation for kill

matar  - to kill, to kill, to slaughter, to butcher, to extinguish, to put out (fire, light), to tone down (colors), to pass, to waste (time), to trump (in card games) 
matanza  - slaughter, butchering 
presa  - capture, seizure, catch, prey, claw, fang, dam, morsel, piece (of food) 
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