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2 Translation results for kick in Spanish

noun | verb

kick noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
patada, puntapié, coz (de un animal); culatazo (de un arma de fuego); fuerza

Example sentences of
kick noun

  • He gave me a kick in the leg.
  • If you give the machine a little kick, it should start working again.
  • a long kick in football

Synonyms of
kick noun

kick verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
kicked, has kicked, is kicking, kicks
patear, darle una patada (a alguien); dar patadas (dícese de una persona), cocear (dícese de un animal); patalear, protestar; dar un culatazo (dícese de un arma de fuego)

Example sentences of
kick verb

  • The attacker kicked him in the stomach.
  • She lost her temper and kicked over the box.
  • He kicked the ball into the goal.
  • She kicked the ball to me.
  • The policeman kicked the door open.
  • The baby kicked his legs in the air.
  • The swimming instructor reminded the children to kick their legs as they swam.
  • The baby kicked with pleasure.
  • He kicked the winning field goal.

Synonyms of
kick verb

Phrasal verbs for kick

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Reverse translation for kick

patada  - kick, stamp (of the foot) 
puntapié  - kick 
coz  (de un animal) - kick (of an animal) 
culatazo  (de un arma de fuego) - kick, recoil 
fuerza  - strength, vigor, force, power, might 
patear  - to kick, to stamp one's foot 
darle una patada  (a alguien)
dar patadas  (dícese de una persona)
cocear  (dícese de un animal) - to kick (of an animal) 
patalear  - to kick, to stamp one's feet 
protestar  - to protest, to object, to protest, to object to, to declare, to profess 
dar un culatazo  (dícese de un arma de fuego)
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