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adjective | verb

involved adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
complicado, complejo; interesado, afectado

Example sentences of
involved adjective

  • It's a long and involved story
  • The instructions for assembling the toy are very involved.
  • The process is quite involved.
  • Those of us who were involved knew exactly what happened.
  • I don't want to become involved in this argument.
  • Students who stay involved get more out of the program.
  • If you want to make things better, you need to get involved.
  • They quickly became romantically involved.
  • No one knew that they were involved.

Synonyms of
involved adjective

Detailed synonyms for involved adjective

See: Complex

involve verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
involved, has involved, is involving, involves
ocupar (con una tarea, etc.); involucrar, enredar, implicar; concernir, afectar; conectar, relacionar; suponer, incluir, consistir en

Example sentences of
involve verb

  • He told us a story involving life on a farm.
  • She remained involved with the organization for many years.
  • Renovating the house involved hiring a contractor.
  • The disease continued to spread until it involved the entire jaw.

Detailed synonyms for involve verb

See: Include

Reverse translation for involved

complicado  - complicated 
complejo  - complex 
interesado  - interested, selfish, self-seeking 
afectado  - affected, mannered, influenced, afflicted, feigned 
ocupar  (con una tarea, etc.) - to occupy, to take possession of, to hold (a position), to employ, to keep busy, to fill (space, time), to inhabit (a dwelling), to bother, to concern 
involucrar  - to implicate, to involve 
enredar  - to tangle up, to entangle, to confuse, to complicate, to involve, to implicate 
implicar  - to involve, to implicate, to imply 
concernir  - to be of concern 
afectar  - to affect, to upset, (figurative) to shake up, to feign, to pretend 
conectar  - to connect 
relacionar  - to relate, to connect 
suponer  - to suppose, to assume, to imply, to suggest, to involve, to entail 
incluir  - to include 
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