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interfere verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
interfered, has interfered, is interfering, interferes
interponerse, hacer interferencia; entrometerse, interferir, intervenir

Example sentences of
interfere verb

  • I tried to offer advice without interfering.
  • a strong resentment of outsiders who attempted to interfere with their traditional ways of doing things

Detailed synonyms for interfere verb

1. Interfere, intervene, mediate, intercede significan venir entre o ir entre (dos o más cosas o personas).
  • Interfere indica estorbar u obstaculizar de alguna forma <the noise from the TV interfered with her concentration>.
  • Intervene puede indicar el venir entre dos cosas en el espacio o en el tiempo, o ponerse de por medio para resolver o poner fin a una disputa o un conflicto <diplomats from neighboring countries now intervened to stop the violence>.
  • Mediate indica el intervenir entre facciones hostiles o entre ideas o principios en conflicto <chosen to mediate between the union and the company's management>.
  • Intercede indica el actuar en nombre de otro, que puede ser a menudo un infractor, con el fin de pedir clemencia o perdón <she was asked to intercede on the daughter's behalf>.
2. See: Intrude, Meddle

Reverse translation for interfering

interponerse  - to intervene 
entrometerse  - to interfere, to meddle, to cut in, (informal) to butt in 
interferir  - to interfere, to meddle, to interfere with, to obstruct 
intervenir  - to control, to supervise, to take part, to audit, to intervene, to intercede, to operate on, to tap (a telephone) 
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