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2 Translation results for hold up in Spanish

verb | noun

hold up verb

unfavorite favorite
held up, has held up, is holding up, holds up
robarle (a alguien), atracar, asaltar; retrasar

Example sentences of
hold up verb

  • We held up mail delivery until we had a permanent address.
  • A major accident held traffic up for hours.
  • Traffic was held up for miles by the accident.

Synonyms of
hold up verb

holdup noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
atraco; retraso, demora

Example sentences of
holdup noun

  • There have been a series of holdups at local banks.
  • a holdup in construction due to the weather

Synonyms of
holdup noun

hold verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
held, has held, is holding, holds
aguantar, resistir; tener; detener, controlar; ser válido, valer; agarrar, coger; sujetar, mantener fijo; contener, dar cabida a; sostener; considerar; celebrar (una reunión), realizar (un evento), mantener (una conversación)

Example sentences of
hold verb

  • Hold the rail so you won't fall.
  • He was holding a large package in his arms.
  • Would you hold this for me?
  • She showed him the correct way to hold the racket.
  • Some people just don't like to be held.
  • He held her close and kissed her.
  • He held the pen in his mouth while he dialed the number.
  • Hold the pen upright when you write.
  • She picked up the trophy and held it over her head.
  • You have to hold the button down for several seconds.

Reverse translation for hold up

robarle  (a alguien)
atracar  - to dock, to land, to hold up, to rob, to mug 
asaltar  - to assault, to mug, to rob 
retrasar  - to delay, to hold up, to put off, to postpone 
atraco  - holdup, robbery 
retraso  - delay, lateness 
demora  - delay 
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