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hold out verb

unfavorite favorite
held out, has held out, is holding out, holds out
aguantar, durar; resistir

Example sentences of
hold out verb

  • we hoped our supply of firewood would hold out until power was restored
  • luckily, the old outboard motor held out till we made it to shore

Synonyms of
hold out verb

hold verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
held, has held, is holding, holds
aguantar, resistir; tener; detener, controlar; ser válido, valer; agarrar, coger; sujetar, mantener fijo; contener, dar cabida a; sostener; considerar; celebrar (una reunión), realizar (un evento), mantener (una conversación)

Example sentences of
hold verb

  • Hold the rail so you won't fall.
  • He was holding a large package in his arms.
  • Would you hold this for me?
  • She showed him the correct way to hold the racket.
  • Some people just don't like to be held.
  • He held her close and kissed her.
  • He held the pen in his mouth while he dialed the number.
  • Hold the pen upright when you write.
  • She picked up the trophy and held it over her head.
  • You have to hold the button down for several seconds.

Reverse translation for hold out

aguantar  - to hold out, to last, to bear with, to tolerate, to withstand, to hold 
durar  - to last, to endure 
resistir  - to resist, to stand, to bear, to tolerate, to withstand 
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