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3 Translation results for herido in English

sustantivo | verbo | adjetivo

herido sustantivo

injured person, casualty

herir verbo

to injure, to wound; to hurt, to offend

herido adjetivo

injured, wounded; hurt, offended

Reverse translation for herido

casualty  - accidente serio, desastre, víctima, baja, herido, -da, (brit.) urgencias, guardia 
to injure  - herir, lesionar, lastimar, dañar 
to wound  - herir 
to hurt  - doler, hacer daño a, herir, lastimar, hacer sufrir, ofender 
to offend  - violar, atentar contra, ofender 
injured  - herido, lesionado 
wounded  - herido 
hurt  - lastimado, herido 
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