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2 Translation results for hearing in Spanish

noun | verb

hearing noun

unfavorite favorite
oído; vista (en un tribunal); consideración, oportunidad de expresarse; alcance del oído

Example sentences of
hearing noun

  • He suffered some loss of hearing in his right ear.
  • let's make sure she's out of hearing before I tell you what I got her for her birthday

Synonyms of
hearing noun

hear verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
heard, has heard, is hearing, hears
oír; prestar atención a; enterarse de

Example sentences of
hear verb

  • Do you hear that music?
  • I couldn't hear a word of what he said over all that noise.
  • I thought I heard him leave.
  • Would you turn the volume up a little? I can't hear.
  • I heard her in concert a few years ago.
  • Have you ever heard Wagner sung in English?
  • The committee will hear witnesses today.
  • I hear he's leaving town.
  • I don't know what happened. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
  • I've heard it said that smoking is bad for your health.

Synonyms of
hear verb

Related phrases for hearing

Reverse translation for hearing

oído  - ear, hearing 
vista  (en un tribunal) - vision, eyesight, look, gaze, glance, view, vista, panorama, hearing (in court) 
consideración  - consideration, respect 
oír  - to hear, to hear, to listen to, to pay attention to, to heed 
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