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hate noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
hate noun

  • These crimes are motivated by prejudice and hate.
  • They have been unable to overcome their hates and fears.

hate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
hated, has hated, is hating, hates
odiar, aborrecer, detestar

Example sentences of
hate verb

  • He was a cruel tyrant who was hated and feared by his people.
  • She hated them for betraying her.
  • They were political rivals who truly hated each other.
  • What is it that you hate about him most?
  • children whose families have taught them to hate
  • They hate being apart from each other.
  • I hate the idea of leaving my mother alone all week.

Synonyms of
hate verb

Detailed synonyms for hate verb

Hate, detest, abhor, loathe significan sentir una fuerte aversión o intensa antipatía hacia algo o alguien.
  • Hate indica una aversión emocional a menudo combinada con enemistad o malicia <hated the government so much that it was all he could talk about>.
    antonyms: love
  • Detest connota una violenta antipatía o aversión, pero sin hostilidad o malevolencia <detested her greedy brother-in-law>.
    antonyms: adore
  • Abhor indica una repugnancia que es profunda y a menudo estremecedora, causada por miedo, terror o algo similar <because of her terrible childhood she particularly abhorred child abuse>.
    antonyms: admire
  • Loathe indica un asco e intolerancia total <loathed rats and cockroaches>.
    antonyms: dote on

Related phrases for hate

Reverse translation for hate

odio  - hate, hatred 
odiar  - to hate 
aborrecer  - to abhor, to detest, to hate 
detestar  - to detest 
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