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hang verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
hung, has hung, is hanging, hangs
caer (dícese de las telas y la ropa); colgar, tender, suspender; flotar, sostenerse en el aire; ser ahorcado; inclinarse

Example sentences of
hang verb

  • He hung the painting on the wall.
  • We hung paper lanterns from the trees.
  • Let's hang a picture on the wall.
  • My grandmother used to hang the wash on a clothesline.
  • A photograph of her family hangs on the wall.
  • Several of her paintings are hanging in the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Your coat is hanging in the closet.
  • They plan to hang wallpaper in the hallway.
  • He let his arm hang down into the water.
  • They will hang him in the county jailhouse.
  • He was hanged for his crimes.

Synonyms of
hang verb

hang noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
hang noun

  • the hang of a skirt
  • anyone foolish enough to ski that hang would end up with a broken neck

Synonyms of
hang noun

Phrasal verbs for hang

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Reverse translation for hang

caer  (dícese de las telas y la ropa) - to fall, to drop, to collapse, to hang (down) 
colgar  - to hang (up), to put up, to hang (someone), to hang up (a telephone), to fail (an exam) 
tender  - to spread out, to lay out, to hang out (clothes), to lay (cables, etc.), to set (a trap) 
suspender  - to suspend, to hang, to suspend, to discontinue, to suspend, to dismiss 
flotar  - to float 
inclinarse  - to lean, to lean over 
caída  - fall, drop, collapse, downfall 
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