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2 Translation results for hammer in Spanish

noun | verb

hammer noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
martillo; percusor, percutor (de un arma de fuego)
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A hammer is used to drive nails into walls and beams.

Example sentences of
hammer noun

  • I need a hammer and some nails to hang this picture.

hammer verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
hammered, has hammered, is hammering, hammers
clavar, golpear; martillar

Example sentences of
hammer verb

  • He hammered the dent out of the fender.
  • The carpenters were hammering all afternoon.
  • The workers are hammering the studs to the frame.
  • The batter hammered the ball over the fence.
  • Someone tried to hammer him over the head with a club.
  • Many towns were hammered by the hurricane.
  • The typist's fingers were hammering the keys.
  • He was hammering at the door.
  • The rain hammered down on the roof.
  • The home team was hammered 9-0.

Synonyms of
hammer verb

Phrasal verbs for hammer

  • hammer out - (coloquial, figurado) trabajar duro, negociar, lidiar

Reverse translation for hammer

martillo  - hammer 
percusor  - hammer (of a firearm) 
percutor  (de un arma de fuego)
clavar  - to nail, to hammer, to plunge, to stick, to fix (one's eyes) on 
golpear  - to beat (up), to hit, to knock (at a door), to beat, to slam, to bang, to strike 
martillar  - to hammer 
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