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unfavorite favorite
tonto, -ta, imbécil

half noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
mitad; tiempo (en deportes)

Example sentences of
half noun

  • She broke each cookie into halves.
  • “Which half do you want?” “I'll take the smaller half.”
  • Two halves make a whole.
  • The team fell behind in the first half but rallied in the second half to win the game.
  • “What's yours?” “A half of lager, please.”
¿Sabías esto?
  • Cuando se habla de tiempo, se pueden usar las dos formas: one and a half hours o an hour and a half; one and a half years o a year and a half.
    Cuando se habla de medidas, es normal decir one and a half tons, one and a half miles, etc.
¿Cuál es la forma plural de half?
  • La forma plural de half es halves.
    Half es una de las palabras donde la f final se vuelve una ve en la forma plural.

wit noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
inteligencia, sensatez; ingenio, gracia, agudeza; humorismo, humor

Example sentences of
wit noun

  • She is full of wit and vivacity.
  • His latest book doesn't have the same wit as his earlier books.
  • The book is a collection of his wit and wisdom.
  • She was a famous writer and wit.

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