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hair noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
pelo, cabello; vello (en las piernas, etc.)

Example sentences of
hair noun

  • She has long dark hair.
  • There are dog hairs all over my coat.
  • The hair on her arms is blond.
  • He has a lot of hair on his chest.
  • He got his hair cut last week.
  • He has a thick head of hair.
  • a balding man who is losing his hair
  • He won the race by a hair.
  • He was a hair off on the count.
  • He plucked a hair from his arm.
¿La palabra hair es singular o plural?
  • Hair es singular, y se puede usar como sustantivo contable e incontable. Ejemplo, como sustantivo incontable: She has long hair. Otro ejemplo: He had much more hair when he was younger.
    Ejemplo, como sustantivo contable: I found a hair in my soup.
    La forma plural de hairs se usa cuando se habla de un número específico. Ejemplo: I found four hairs on my pillow.

Related phrases for hair

Reverse translation for hair

pelo  - hair, fur, pile, nap 
cabello  - hair 
vello  (en las piernas, etc.) - body hair, down, fuzz 
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