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grand adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
grande; impresionante, magnífico; grandioso, suntuoso, lujoso; fabuloso

Example sentences of
grand adjective

  • He thinks everything the government does is part of some grand conspiracy.
  • The neighborhood includes many grand old homes.
  • His job is much less grand than his title makes it sound.
  • My great aunt lived to the grand old age of 103.
  • the beauty of nature's grand design
  • Despite its grand name, the hotel is small and somewhat seedy.
  • He made some grand statements about the company's future.
  • They celebrated their anniversary in grand style.
  • He planned to make a grand entrance, driving up to the house in a fancy red sports car.
  • We won the grand prize.

Detailed synonyms for grand adjective

Grand, magnificent, imposing, stately, majestic, grandiose, impressive significan grande e impresionante.
  • Grand añade indicaciones de atractivo y dignidad a la grandeza de tamaño o de concepto <a mansion with a grand staircase>.
  • Magnificent indica una grandeza impresionante en proporción a una escala, pero sin pérdida de dignidad o de buen gusto <magnificent paintings and sculptures>.
    antonyms: modest
  • Imposing indica gran tamaño y dignidad, pero recalca lo impresionante <an avenue lined with imposing buildings>.
    antonyms: unimposing
  • Stately puede connotar un tamaño impresionante junto con una dignidad elegante, una compostura erguida, proporciones atractivas y un movimiento ceremoniosamente deliberado <a stately funeral procession>.
  • Majestic combina las indicaciones de imposing y stately, y añade una connotación de esplendor solemne <a majestic mountain range>.
  • Grandiose indica un tamaño o alcance que sobrepasa la experiencia ordinaria, pero se usa más con sentido despectivo para denotar la ampulosidad o la exageración absurda <his grandiose schemes of world conquest>.
  • Impressive implica que merece atención, admiración o reverencia <an impressive list of accomplishments>.

grand noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
piano de cola; (argot) mil dolares

Example sentences of
grand noun

  • He bought a used car for about five grand.

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Reverse translation for grand

grande  - large, big, tall, great, great, old, grown-up 
impresionante  - impressive, incredible, amazing 
magnífico  - magnificent, splendid 
grandioso  - grand, magnificent, grandiose 
suntuoso  - sumptuous, lavish 
lujoso  - luxurious 
fabuloso  - fabulous, fantastic, mythical, fabled 
mil dolares  (argot)
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