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full adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
lleno; completo, detallado; todo, pleno; redondo, llenito, regordete

Example sentences of
full adjective

  • The plane was carrying a full load of passengers.
  • The theater was full to capacity.
  • We bought a full set of dishes.
  • They waited for three full months.
  • He has a full array of stereo equipment.
  • The soldiers were wearing full combat gear.
  • This will be his first full season with the team.
  • His theories have not yet found full acceptance.
  • I hope that you'll give us your fullest cooperation.
  • Please give me your full attention.
  • What is your full name?

Detailed synonyms for full adjective

1. Full, complete, brimming, jammed, jam-packed, packed, stuffed significan que contiene todo lo que es deseado, necesario o posible.
  • Full indica la presencia o la inclusión de todo lo que algo desea o requiere, o todo lo que algo puede sostener, contener, o lograr <his schedule was full on Tuesday>.
    antonyms: empty
  • Complete se aplica cuando todo lo que es necesario o deseado está presente <the report does not give a complete account of the situation>.
    antonyms: incomplete
  • Brimming connota estar lleno o desbordándose de algún líquido <eyes brimming with tears>.
  • Jammed sugiere estar presionado dentro de una posición apretada para llenar un espacio <a closet jammed with dirty clothes>.
  • Jam-packed, un término informal, indica estar lleno o apiñado ceñidamente <the hall was jam-packed for the final performance>.
  • Packed connota apiñado o relleno <a packed auditorium>, pero frecuentemente no en un sentido físico <a novel packed with adventure>.
  • Stuffed sugiere estar lleno por el empaque de cosas, tales como comida <though he was stuffed, he couldn't resist dessert> o material blando <bought a stuffed animal for her daughter>.
2. See: Detailed, Detailed

Related phrases for full

Reverse translation for full

lleno  - full, filled 
completo  - complete, perfect, absolute, full, detailed 
pleno  - full, (figurative) in the middle of, in the height of 
redondo  - round, great, perfect, straightforward, flat, round-trip 
llenito  - chubby, plump 
regordete  - chubby 
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