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frustrate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
frustrated, has frustrated, is frustrating, frustrates

Example sentences of
frustrate verb

  • It frustrated him to miss so many games because of injuries.
  • We've been frustrated by bureaucratic delays.
  • Bureaucratic delays have frustrated our efforts to resolve this problem.
  • The lack of investors has frustrated them in their efforts to expand the company.

Synonyms of
frustrate verb

Detailed synonyms for frustrate verb

Frustrate, thwart, foil, baffle, balk, circumvent, outwit, dash significan poner freno a, o derrotar, el deseo, el plan o la meta de otro.
  • Frustrate indica el hacer vano o inefectivo todo esfuerzo, no obstante su vigorosidad o persistencia <the senate had frustrated all the president's attempts at government reform>.
    antonyms: fulfill
  • Thwart connota el frustrar o frenar mediante la oposición directa a uno que avanza <his hopes were constantly being thwarted>.
  • Foil connota el frenar o derrotar con el fin de inhibir futuros esfuerzos <her parents foiled all my efforts to see her>.
  • Baffle indica el frustrar mediante la confusión o el desconcierto <baffled by the maze of rules and regulations>.
  • Balk connota el poner obstáculos o estorbos <his research was constantly balked by the authorities>.
  • Circumvent indica el frustrar mediante una estratagema particular <circumventing the law with the help of his attorneys>.
    antonyms: conform to ferencia a una ley u orden), cooperate ersonas)
  • Outwit connota astucia y artimañas en el frustrar o evadir <the rebels outwitted the army repeatedly>.
  • Dash connota aplastar una emoción, especialmente la esperanza <her hopes of winning a medal were dashed by a broken leg>.

Reverse translation for frustrate

frustrar  - to frustrate, to thwart 
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