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follow up verb

unfavorite favorite
seguir (una sugerencia, etc.), investigar (una huella)

follow verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
followed, has followed, is following, follows
seguir; perseguir; entender; cumplir, observar

Example sentences of
follow verb

  • She followed us into the kitchen.
  • The dog followed the children home.
  • The exit is right this way. Just follow me.
  • The children went home and the dog followed behind.
  • If one sheep goes through the gate, the rest will follow.
  • The number 15 follows 14.
  • Her accident was followed by a long period of recovery.
  • First came the student speeches, and the presentation of awards followed.
  • Rioting followed the unjust verdict.
  • If you work hard, success will surely follow.
¿Sabes el significado de follow up?
  • Follow up significa continuar con algo similar o adicional. Usa follow up + with o by > He followed up his early findings with another study. Follow up también significa dar seguimiento > The police followed up on all the phone calls they received about the shooting.

Reverse translation for follow up

seguir  (una sugerencia, etc.) - to follow, to go on, to keep going, to remain, to continue to be, to go along, to keep on 
investigar  (una huella) - to investigate, to research 
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