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2 Translation results for fling in Spanish

verb | noun

fling verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
flung, has flung, is flinging, flings
lanzar, tirar, arrojar

Example sentences of
fling verb

  • He flung his shoe across the room.
  • She flung the door open and stormed into the room.
  • They flung their hats into the air.
  • She flung herself into his arms.
  • He flung his arms around her.
  • I flung back my head and laughed.
  • He leaned back and flung his leg over the arm of the chair.
  • She flung herself onto the couch.

Synonyms of
fling verb

Detailed synonyms for fling verb

See: Throw

fling noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
lanzamiento; intento; aventura; juerga

Example sentences of
fling noun

  • She had a fling with her boss.
  • They had time for one last fling before going back to school.

Synonyms of
fling noun

Reverse translation for fling

lanzar  - to throw, to hurl, to pitch, to launch, to roll out 
tirar  - to pull, to draw, to throw, to hurl, to toss, to shoot, to throw away, to throw out, to waste, to attract, to knock down, to shoot, to fire, to launch, to get by, to manage, to take (a photo), to print, to run off 
arrojar  - to hurl, to cast, to throw, to give off, to spew out, to yield, to produce, to vomit 
lanzamiento  - throw, pitch (in baseball), launching, launch 
intento  - intent, intention, attempt, try 
aventura  - adventure, venture, risk, love affair 
juerga  - partying, binge 
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