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2 Translation results for flatter in Spanish

verb | adjective

flatter verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
flattered, has flattered, is flattering, flatters
adular; halagar; favorecer

Example sentences of
flatter verb

  • He flattered her with comments about her youthful appearance.
  • It flattered her to be asked to sing at their wedding.
  • That dress really flatters your figure.

Synonyms of
flatter verb

flat adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
plano, llano; liso; categórico, rotundo, explícito; aburrido, soso, monótono (dícese la voz); desinflado, pinchado, ponchado; bemol (en musica)

Example sentences of
flat adjective

  • We bought a house overlooking the flat landscape of the prairie.
  • Coins are usually round and flat.
  • He sat on a flat piece of wood.

Detailed synonyms for flat adjective

See: Insipid, Level

Reverse translation for flatter

adular  - to flatter 
halagar  - to flatter, to compliment 
favorecer  - to favor, to look well on, to suit 
plano  - flat, level, plane 
llano  - even, flat, frank, open, plain, simple 
liso  - smooth, flat, straight, plain, unadorned 
categórico  - categorical, unequivocal 
rotundo  - round, categorical, absolute 
explícito  - explicit 
aburrido  - bored, tired, fed up, boring, tedious 
soso  - bland, flavorless, dull, boring 
monótono  (dícese la voz) - monotonous, unvarying 
bemol  (en musica)
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