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female noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
hembra (de animal); mujer

Example sentences of
female noun

  • She attended a school where there were more males than females.
  • Females of this species weigh 8 to 10 pounds.

Synonyms of
female noun

female adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
female adjective

  • Most extension cords have a male plug on one end and a female plug on the other.
  • female standards of housekeeping imposed by the women at the vacation cottage weren't especially popular with the men

Synonyms of
female adjective

Detailed synonyms for female adjective

Female, feminine, womanly, effeminate, ladylike significan de, característico de o parecido a una hembra, en especial a una mujer.
  • Female (opuesto a male) se aplica tanto a plantas y animales como a personas y recalca el sexo o género <more female births than male>.
    antonyms: male
  • Feminine se aplica a las cualidades o atributos o actitudes características de las mujeres y que no son compartidas por los hombres <models whose bodies were more boyish than feminine>.
    antonyms: masculine
  • Womanly connota las cualidades de la mujer madura, sobre todo aquellas cualidades que la hacen eficaz como esposa y madre, o que indican la ausencia de cualidades masculinas <thought his rebellious daughter lacked the womanly virtues>.
    antonyms: unwomanly, manly
  • Effeminate recalca los aspectos más suaves y delicados de la natureza de la mujer, y en su aplicación usual a los hombres indica la carencia de virilidad o masculinidad <a somewhat effeminate young man>.
    antonyms: virile
  • Ladylike connota decencia y decoro <her grandmother was always scolding her for not being ladylike>.

Reverse translation for female

hembra  (de animal) - female 
mujer  - woman, wife 
femenino  - feminine, women's, female 
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