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fear noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
miedo, temor
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Fear is evident on this man's scared face.

Example sentences of
fear noun

  • He was trembling with fear.
  • They regarded their enemies with fear and hatred.
  • I've been trying to overcome my fear of flying.
  • The doctor's diagnosis confirmed our worst fears.
  • unable to walk the streets without fear of being mugged
  • The government is trying to allay fears of a recession.
  • Employees expressed fears that the company would go out of business.
  • He told us about all his hopes and fears.
  • She has a morbid fear of cats.

Detailed synonyms for fear noun

Fear, dread, fright, alarm, panic, terror, horror, trepidation, phobia significan una agitación dolorosa en la presencia o la anticipación del peligro.
  • Fear, que suele ser el término más general, indica ansiedad y la pérdida del valor <fear of the unknown>.
    antonyms: fearlessness
  • Dread suele añadir la idea de gran renuencia de hacer frente a una persona o situación, y connota aversión y ansiedad <the child's dread of doctors and needles>.
  • Fright indica el choque de una sensación de temor súbita y estremecedora <the children's fright at hearing the screams>.
  • Alarm connota una aprensión súbita e intensa producida por un peligro inmediato recién percibido <there was alarm in her voice>.
    antonyms: assurance, composure
  • Panic indica un temor irracional y abrumador que da lugar a la actividad histérica, desordenada e inútil <news of the approaching hurricane was causing panic>.
  • Terror indica el grado más extremo de consternación o temor <paralyzed with terror>.
  • Horror añade la indicación de aborrecimiento o aversión estremecedora ante una vista, actividad o exigencia que causa miedo <her horror of spiders>.
  • Trepidation añade a dread las indicaciones de timidez, temblor y vacilación <with great trepidation he finally raised the subject of marriage>.
  • Phobia indica un temor extremadamente fuerte hacia una situación o una cosa en particular <his dislike of crowds eventually developed into a severe phobia>.

fear verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
feared, has feared, is fearing, fears
temer; tener miedo de

Example sentences of
fear verb

  • He was a cruel king who was feared and hated by his subjects.
  • There's no need to fear.

Phrasal verbs for fear

Reverse translation for fear

miedo  - fear 
temor  - fear, dread 
temer  - to fear, to dread, to be afraid 
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