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2 Translation results for fastidio in English

sustantivo | verbo

fastidio sustantivo

annoyance, nuisance, hassle, (slang) bummer; boredom

fastidiar verbo

to be annoying or bothersome; to annoy, to bother, to hassle; to bore

Reverse translation for fastidio

annoyance  - irritación, fastidio, molestia 
nuisance  - fastidio, molestia, lata, pesado, -da 
hassle  - discusión, disputa, bronca, pelea, riña, problemas, lío 
bummer  (slang)
boredom  - aburrimiento 
to annoy  - molestar, fastidiar, irritar 
to bother  - preocupar, molestar, fastidiar 
to hassle  - fastidiar, molestar 
to bore  - taladrar, perforar, hacer, abrir, aburrir 
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