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fast adverb

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rápidamente, rápido, de prisa; firmemente, seguramente; profundamente
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The pottery wheel is spinning fast.

Example sentences of
fast adverb

  • The boss expects this to be done this afternoon, so you'd better work fast.
  • He ran as fast as he could.
  • This is fast becoming a national problem.
  • You need to act fast to take advantage of this offer.
  • I don't know what caused the accident. It all happened so fast.
  • She's a woman who can think fast in a crisis.
  • He's going to have to talk fast to get himself out of this mess.
  • The window was stuck fast.
  • She held fast to her belief in justice.
  • We must stand fast and not surrender!

Synonyms of
fast adverb

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  • Fast y quickly son adverbios sinónimos. No obstante, en inglés americano fast tiene un significado más fuerte y casi sinónimo con immediately. Ejemplo: Please send the message fast, I need the information right away.

fast adjective

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rápido, veloz; firme, seguro; leal; adelantado; profundo; inalterable, que no destiñe; extravagante, disipado, disoluto

Example sentences of
fast adjective

  • She's a very fast runner.
  • We're off to a fast start.
  • We're now experiencing a faster rate of inflation.
  • We took the faster route.
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  • Cuando se usa para significar "rápido", fast es un adjetivo y un adverbio. A esto se lo llama "flat adverb", donde no se agrega el sufijo ly cuando se lo cambia de un adjetivo a un adverbio, por lo que el adverbio se ve idéntico al adjetivo. Ejemplo: Jane is a fast driver. She drives fast, but I think this might be dangerous. Fastly se usa con el significado de "apretado" o "asegurado", pero este uso es raro. Ejemplo: The belt was tied fastly around his waist.

Detailed synonyms for fast adjective

Fast, rapid, swift, quick, speedy, hasty, expeditious significan que se mueve, procede o actúa con rapidez.
  • Fast se aplica en particular a un objeto en movimiento <a fast horse>.
    antonyms: slow
  • Rapid pone el énfasis en el movimiento en sí <a rapid current>.
    antonyms: deliberate, leisurely
  • Swift connota gran rapidez junto con facilidad de movimiento <returned the ball with one swift stroke>.
    antonyms: sluggish
  • Quick connota prontitud y el tomar poco tiempo <a quick response>.
    antonyms: sluggish
  • Speedy indica rapidez en el cumplimiento exitoso, y puede también connotar una velocidad inusual <a speedy recovery from his illness>.
    antonyms: dilatory
  • Hasty connota prisa y precipitación, y connota con frecuencia el descuido y la confusión o ineficiencia resultante <a hasty inspection failed to discover the problem>.
  • Expeditious connota eficiencia junto con rapidez de realización <the expeditious handling of his order>.
    antonyms: sluggish

fast verb

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fasted, has fasted, is fasting, fasts

Example sentences of
fast verb

  • She always fasts on Yom Kippur.
  • Patients must fast for six hours before having the procedure.

fast noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

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Reverse translation for fast

rápidamente  - rapidly, swiftly, quickly, fast 
rápido  - quickly, fast 
firmemente  - firmly 
seguramente  - for sure, surely, probably 
profundamente  - deeply, in depth 
rápido  - rapid, quick 
veloz  - fast, quick, swift 
firme  - firm, resolute, steady, stable, steadfast 
seguro  - safe, secure, sure, certain, reliable, trustworthy, self-assured 
leal  - loyal, faithful 
adelantado  - advanced, ahead, fast (of a clock or watch) 
profundo  - deep, profound 
inalterable  - unalterable, unchangeable, impassive, colorfast 
extravagante  - extravagant, outrageous, flamboyant 
disoluto  - dissolute, dissipated 
ayunar  - to fast 
ayuno  - fast 
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