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expect verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
expected, has expected, is expecting, expects
suponer, imaginarse; esperar; contar con

Example sentences of
expect verb

  • As expected, the election was very close.
  • It's expected that the new products will be available next month.
  • Prices are expected to rise.
  • He's opposed to the new law, as you might expect.
  • Good things sometimes happen when you least expect them.
  • I'm expecting a phone call.
  • The expected delivery date is next month.
  • He's a teacher who expects hard work from his students.
  • We expected more from you.
  • This is not the kind of behavior I expected of you.

Detailed synonyms for expect verb

Expect, hope, look, await, count on, anticipate significan anticipar en la mente algún suceso o desenlace.
  • Expect indica un grado elevado de certeza y supone la idea de preparar o imaginar <I expect to be finished by Tuesday>.
    antonyms: despair ant>
  • Hope indica poca certeza pero connota confianza en la posibilidad de que lo que se desea o se anhela sucederá <she hopes to find a job soon>.
    antonyms: despair ant>
  • Look, cuando es seguido de for, connota un grado de expectación y de vigilancia más que confianza o certeza <we look for great things in the new year>; seguido de to, indica fuertemente el estar seguro de una cosa, o la ausencia de duda <looked to their children to care for them in old age>.
    antonyms: despair ant>
  • Await suele añadir a look for la indicación de estar preparado, mental o físicamente <we await your decision>.
    antonyms: despair
  • Count on indica esperar que algo suceda, generalmente algo positivo <he is counting on a big tax refund this year>, o depender de alguien para hacer algo <you can count on her to contribute>.
  • Anticipate sugiere pensar en un evento futuro probable para poder preparase para él <they did not anticipate any major problems during construction>.

Reverse translation for expect

suponer  - to suppose, to assume, to imply, to suggest, to involve, to entail 
imaginarse  - to suppose, to imagine, to picture 
esperar  - to wait, to wait for, to await, to expect, to hope 
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