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excess weight
Exceso de peso
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excess noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
exceso, superfluidad; excedente, sobrante

Example sentences of
excess noun

  • They were equipped with an excess of provisions.
  • The tests found an excess of sodium in his blood.
  • He lived a life of excess.
  • The movie embraces all the worst excesses of popular American culture.
  • the violent excesses of the military regime
  • He apologized for his past excesses.

Synonyms of
excess noun

weight noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
peso; pesa; carga; influencia, autoridad

Example sentences of
weight noun

  • Please indicate your height and weight on the form.
  • Her weight is 105 pounds.
  • The boat sank under the weight of the cargo.
  • Those columns have to be strong enough to support the weight of the roof.
  • He stays in good shape by lifting weights.