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even adverb

unfavorite favorite play sound
hasta, incluso; ni siquiera; aun, todavía

Example sentences of
even adverb

  • I will love you even to the end of time.
  • The blue whale is a huge, even awesome animal by any measure.

even verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
evened, has evened, is evening, evens
allanar, nivelar, emparejar; igualar, equilibrar

Example sentences of
even verb

  • Even the filling before adding the top layer of the cake.
  • The contention that producing more arms will even us with the enemy and therefore make us more secure.

Synonyms of
even verb

even adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound
uniforme, liso, parejo; plano, llano; igual, igualado; regular, constante; exacto, justo; par

Example sentences of
even adjective

  • We finally reached even ground after the long climb.
  • They slowed down and waited for him to draw even.
  • She spoke with a calm, even voice.
  • 2, 4, 6, and 8 are even numbers.
  • the even beat of the drum
¿Qué significa odds are even?
  • Si se dice que odds are even significa que todos las posibilidades tienen la misma probabilidad de ocurrir y cualquier resultado es posible. Se dice a menudo en competiciones para indicar que todos los participantes tienen la misma posibilidad de ganar. Both fighters have the same record of wins vs. losses, so the odds are even in this match.
¿Qué significa we're even?
  • Cuando alguien te dice 'we're even', significa que el o ella te pagó sus deudas o completó sus obligaciones que te debía, y ahora no hay obligaciones pendientes para cada uno. Por ejemplo: You lent me money to buy my car, and now I'm finished renovating your house, so I guess we're even now.. También se puede usar: That makes us even.

Detailed synonyms for even adjective

See: Level, Steady

even noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
(anticuado) noche temprana

Phrasal verbs for even

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Reverse translation for even

hasta  - even 
incluso  - even, in fact, inclusively 
aun  - even, still, yet 
todavía  - still, yet, even 
allanar  - to raid, to search, to resolve, to solve, to smooth, to level out 
nivelar  - to level (out) 
emparejar  - to pair, to match up, to catch up, to make even 
igualar  - to equalize, to tie 
equilibrar  - to balance 
uniforme  - uniform 
liso  - smooth, flat, straight, plain, unadorned 
parejo  - even, smooth, level, equal, similar 
plano  - flat, level, plane 
llano  - even, flat, frank, open, plain, simple 
igual  - equal, the same, alike, even, smooth, similar, constant 
igualado  - even (of a score), level, disrespectful 
regular  - regular, fair, OK, so-so, medium, average 
constante  - constant, continued 
exacto  - accurate, precise, exact, (slang) on the money 
justo  - just, fair, right, exact, tight 
par  - even (in number) 
noche temprana  (anticuado)
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