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5 Translation results for eso aparte in English

sustantivo | adjetivo | adverbio | preposición | verbo

aparte sustantivo

aside (in theater)

aparte adjetivo

separate, special

aparte adverbio

apart, aside; separately

aparte preposición

aside from, apart from

apartar verbo

to move away, to put at a distance; to put aside, to set aside, to separate

Reverse translation for eso aparte

aside  (in theater) - aparte 
separate  - separado, aparte, distinto 
special  - especial 
apart  - aparte, separadamente, a un lado 
aside  - a un lado, de lado, aparte 
separately  - por separado, separadamente, aparte 
aside from  - aparte de 
to put aside  - dejar a un lado 
to set aside  - guardar, apartar, reservar 
to separate  - separar, separarse, diferenciar, distinguir 
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