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3 Translation results for echo in Spanish

noun | verb | verbo

echo noun

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
echo noun

  • We shouted into the canyon and listened to the echo of our voices.
  • the echo of footsteps in the hall
  • His work contains echoes of older and greater poets.
  • The book's title is an echo of a line from an old folk song.
  • The crime is a chilling echo of the murders that shocked the city two years ago.

echo verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
echoed, has echoed, is echoing, echoes
hacer eco, resonar; repetir

Example sentences of
echo verb

  • The music echoed through the church.
  • Laughter echoed across the lake.
  • Their voices echoed in the hall.
  • His warnings are echoed by many other experts in the field.
  • “It's in Rome.” “In Rome?” she echoed.
  • Others have echoed her criticisms.
  • The book's title echoes a line from an old folk song.
  • The crime echoes last year's shocking murders.
  • "It's in Rome." "In Rome?" she echoed.

echar verbo

to start off; to throw, to cast, to hurl; to throw out, to expel; to emit, give off; to sprout, to put forth; to fire, to dismiss; to put in, to add

Reverse translation for echo

eco  - echo 
resonar  - to resound, to ring 
repetir  - to repeat, to have a second helping of 
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