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2 Translation results for droop in Spanish

verb | noun

droop verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
drooped, has drooped, is drooping, droops
inclinarse (dícese de la cabeza), encorvarse (dícese de los escombros), marchitarse (dícese de las flores); decaer, flaquear

Example sentences of
droop verb

  • The flowers were drooping in the hot sun.
  • Her eyelids drooped as she grew tired.
  • The tree's branches drooped under the weight of the snow.
  • His spirits drooped when he didn't get the job.

Synonyms of
droop verb

droop noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
inclinación, caída

Example sentences of
droop noun

  • tighten the line at the top of the banner so there won't be so much droop

Reverse translation for droop

inclinarse  (dícese de la cabeza) - to lean, to lean over 
encorvarse  (dícese de los escombros) - to hunch over, to stoop 
marchitarse  (dícese de las flores) - to wither, to shrivel up, to wilt, to languish, to fade away 
decaer  - to decline, to decay, to deteriorate, to weaken, to flag 
flaquear  - to flag, to weaken 
inclinación  - inclination, tendency, incline, slope 
caída  - fall, drop, collapse, downfall 
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