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3 Translation results for driving in Spanish

noun | adjective | verb

driving noun

unfavorite favorite
manejo, conducción

driving adjective

unfavorite favorite
impulsor; (vehículos) de manejo, de conducir

Example sentences of
driving adjective

  • I love songs that have a strong driving beat!

drive verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
drove, has driven, is driving, drives
impeler, impulsar; manejar, conducir; guiar, manejar (un vehículo); obligar, forzar; clavar, hincar

Example sentences of
drive verb

  • He is learning to drive.
  • Do you want to drive or should I?
  • He drove the car down a bumpy road.
  • The car stopped and then drove off.
  • A car drove by us slowly.
  • The bus slowly drove away.
  • We drove all night and arrived at dawn.
  • We drove 160 miles to get here.
  • I drive on this route every day.
  • I drive this route every day.

Detailed synonyms for drive verb

See: Move, Push

Reverse translation for driving

manejo  - handling, operation, management, driving 
conducción  - conduction (of electricity, etc.), management, direction, driving 
de manejo  (vehículos)
impeler  - to drive, to propel, to impel 
impulsar  - to propel, to drive 
manejar  - to drive, to drive (a car), to handle, to operate, to manage, to manipulate (a person) 
conducir  - to drive a vehicle, to direct, to lead, to drive (a vehicle) 
guiar  - to guide, to lead, to manage 
manejar  (un vehículo) - to drive, to drive (a car), to handle, to operate, to manage, to manipulate (a person) 
obligar  - to force, to require, to oblige 
forzar  - to force, to compel, to force open, to strain 
clavar  - to nail, to hammer, to plunge, to stick, to fix (one's eyes) on 
hincar  - to stick, to plunge 
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