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dress verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dressed, has dressed, is dressing, dresses
vestir; vestirse; decorar, adornar; preparar (pollo o pescado), aliñar (ensalada); curar, vendar (una herida)

Example sentences of
dress verb

  • They dressed themselves in a hurry.
  • He dressed the child in a snowsuit.
  • She showered, dressed, and ate breakfast.
  • She dressed warmly for skiing.
  • She is dressing for the opera.
  • They always dress for dinner.
  • The nurse dressed the cut on my knee.

Synonyms of
dress verb

room noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
espacio, sitio, lugar; cuarto, habitación (en una casa), sala (para reuniones, etc.); dormitorio, habitación, pieza

Example sentences of
room noun

  • Cigarette smoke filled the room.
  • I could hear the TV from the next room.
  • He rents rooms to college students.
  • We're running out of room in the office.
  • The sofa takes up too much room.
  • In the backyard there is enough room to run and play.
  • Is there enough room to turn the car around?
  • There's only room for five people in the car.
  • Don't eat too much. You should leave some room for dessert.
  • There's no more room on the computer disk to save the file.

Synonyms of
room noun