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dramatic adjective

unfavorite favorite play sound

Example sentences of
dramatic adjective

  • His parents noticed a dramatic change in his behavior.
  • There was a dramatic increase in prices.
  • The book tells the dramatic story of her battle with cancer.
  • She made a dramatic entrance wearing a bright red dress.
  • There was a dramatic pause before his big announcement.
  • The painter used dramatic colors.
  • They are members of the local dramatic society.

Synonyms of
dramatic adjective

Detailed synonyms for dramatic adjective

Dramatic, theatrical, melodramatic, histrionic significan que posee las características o los efectos típicos de obras actuadas.
  • Dramatic se aplica al habla, la acción, los gestos o las situaciones que pueden despertar vivamente la imaginación o las emociones <the evening news reported dramatic developments in the Soviet Union>.
  • Theatrical indica un burdo intento de apelar a las emociones mediante la artificialidad o exageración en el gesto, la acción o la expresión oral <her theatrical way of entering a room>.
  • Melodramatic connota una emotividad exagerada o una teatralidad inapropiada <making a melodramatic scene in public>.
  • Histrionic se aplica a tonos, gestos o movimientos y connota una afectación o teatralidad deliberada <a histrionic show of grief>.

Reverse translation for dramatic

dramático  - dramatic 
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