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doctor noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
doctor, -tora; médico, -ca; doctor

Example sentences of
doctor noun

  • He needed medicine but refused to go to a doctor.
  • I think you should see a doctor.
  • She was under doctor's orders not to return to work.
  • I saw her at the doctor's last week.
  • How long will you be at the doctor?
  • Most of the faculty members at this college are doctors in their fields.
  • Dr. Smith, can you explain the exam requirements again?

Synonyms of
doctor noun

¿Sabías esto?
  • Una cita programada con tu doctor para revisiones médicas o discutir tu condición médica se llama doctor's appointment o doctor appointment. Por ejemplo: I'll be late for work tomorrow because I have a doctor's appointment.

doctor verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
doctored, has doctored, is doctoring, doctors
tratar, curar; adulterar, alterar, falsificar (un documento)

Example sentences of
doctor verb

  • They were accused of doctoring the company's financial records.
  • a doctored photo of the actress
  • I think somebody doctored the punch.
  • He had time to doctor his wounds.
  • She doctored the sick child until the physician arrived.

Synonyms of
doctor verb

doctor sustantivo


Related phrases for doctor

Reverse translation for doctor

doctor  - doctor 
médico  - doctor, physician 
doctor  - doctor 
tratar  - to treat, to handle 
curar  - to cure, to heal, to get well, to recover, to treat, to dress, to tan, to cure (meat) 
adulterar  - to adulterate 
alterar  - to alter, to modify, to disturb, to disrupt 
falsificar  (un documento) - to counterfeit, to forge, to falsify 
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