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2 Translation results for dig in Spanish

verb | noun

dig verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dug, has dug, is digging, digs
cavar, excavar; sacar; clavar, hincar

Example sentences of
dig verb

  • Some animal has been digging in the garden.
  • They dug into the sand with their hands.
  • He dug down about 10 feet before he hit water.
  • Dig a hole three feet deep.
  • The first step in building a house is to dig the foundation.
  • The prisoners escaped by digging a tunnel under the fence.
  • digging clams on the beach
  • These detectives won't stop digging until they find out what happened.

Synonyms of
dig verb

dig noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
codazo; pulla; excavación

Example sentences of
dig noun

  • She gave me a dig in the ribs to get my attention.
  • She participated in a dig last summer.

Synonyms of
dig noun

Phrasal verbs for dig

Reverse translation for dig

cavar  - to dig 
excavar  - to excavate, to dig 
sacar  - to kick off (in soccer or football), to pull out, to take out, to get, to obtain, to serve (in sports), to get out, to extract, to stick out, to bring out, to pull off, to introduce 
clavar  - to nail, to hammer, to plunge, to stick, to fix (one's eyes) on 
hincar  - to stick, to plunge 
codazo  - to elbow, to nudge 
pulla  - cutting remark, dig, gibe, obscenity 
excavación  - excavation 
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