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dictate verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
dictated, has dictated, is dictating, dictates
dar órdenes; dictar; mandar, ordenar

Example sentences of
dictate verb

  • She's dictating a letter to her secretary.
  • They insisted on being able to dictate the terms of surrender.
  • Tradition dictates that the youngest member should go first.
  • The basket's function dictates its size and shape.

Detailed synonyms for dictate verb

Dictate, prescribe, ordain, decree, impose, command, mandate significan promulgar una cosa para que sea observada, seguida, obedecida o aceptada.
  • Dictate indica una directiva autoritaria que se da de manera oral o como si fuera oral <his action was dictated by urgent need>.
  • Prescribe indica una declaración autoritaria que es clara, definitiva e incontrovertible <the memo prescribed the new procedure for requesting supplies>.
  • Ordain indica una institución, establecimiento o promulgación efectuada por una autoridad suprema o incuestionable <nature had ordained that nothing should grow on these hills>.
  • Decree indica una declaración formal hecha por alguien de gran o absoluta autoridad <the Pope has decreed that next year will be a holy year>.
  • Impose indica el someter a una persona a algo que tiene que aguantar o tolerar <morality cannot be imposed by law>.
  • Command sugiere dar una orden formal por alguien en autoridad, especialmente autoridad militar <he commanded the troops to move forward>.
  • Mandate connota demandar o requerir algo oficialmente <ours was the first state to mandate the change>.

dictate noun

unfavorite favorite play sound
mandato, orden

Example sentences of
dictate noun

  • a starchily worded dictate from on high concerning the company's dress code

Reverse translation for dictate

dictar  - to dictate, to pronounce (a judgment), to give, to deliver 
mandar  - to be the boss, to be in charge, to command, to order, to send, to hurl, to throw 
ordenar  - to order, to command, to put in order, to arrange, to ordain (a priest) 
mandato  - term of office, mandate 
orden  - order 
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