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2 Translation results for deshacerse in English

verbo | verbo

deshacerse verbo

to fall apart, to come undone

deshacer verbo

to destroy, to ruin; to undo, to untie; to break apart, to crumble; to dissolve, to melt; to break, to cancel

Reverse translation for deshacerse

to fall apart  - deshacerse, hacerse pedazos 
to destroy  - matar, destruir, destrozar 
to ruin  - destruir, arruinar, hacer quebrar 
to undo  - desabrochar, desatar, abrir, anular, deshacer, reparar (daños, etc.), arruinar, destruir 
to untie  - desatar, deshacer 
to crumble  - desmigajar, desmenuzar, desmigajarse, desmoronarse, desmenuzarse 
to dissolve  - disolver, disolverse 
to melt  - derretir, disolver, derretirse, disolverse, ablandar, ablandarse, desvanecerse, esfumarse 
to cancel  - cancelar 
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