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2 Translation results for desahogarse in English

verbo | verbo

desahogarse verbo

to recover, to feel better; to unburden oneself, to let off steam

desahogar verbo

to relieve, to ease; to give vent to

Reverse translation for desahogarse

to recover  - recobrar, recuperarse 
to unburden oneself  - desahogarse 
to let off steam  - (figurado) desahogarse 
to relieve  - aliviar, mitigar, liberar, eximir, relevar (a un centinela, etc.), romper 
to ease  - aliviar, calmar, hacer disminuir, calmarse, relajarse, aflojar (una cuerda), relajar (restricciones), descargar (tensiones), facilitar 
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