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deliver verb

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delivered, has delivered, is delivering, delivers
liberar, librar; entregar, repartir; asistir en el parto de (un niño); pronunciar; despachar, lanzar; propinar, asestar

Example sentences of
deliver verb

  • The package was delivered to the office this morning.
  • She delivers the mail on my street.
  • They are having the furniture delivered next week.
  • The supermarket delivers groceries for free within 30 miles of the store.
  • “Does the restaurant deliver?” “No, you have to pick up the food yourself.”
  • He will deliver the speech at noon.
  • The actors delivered their lines with passion.
  • The jury is expected to deliver a verdict later today.
  • The judge delivered a warning to the protesters.
  • The novel delivers an inspiring look into the life and ideas of Gandhi.

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Reverse translation for deliver

liberar  - to liberate, to free 
librar  - to deliver, to set free, to wage, to issue 
entregar  - to deliver, to give, to present, to hand in, to hand over 
repartir  - to allocate, to distribute, to hand out, to spread 
pronunciar  - to pronounce, to say, to give, to deliver (a speech) 
despachar  - to complete, to conclude, to deal with, to take care of, to handle, to dispatch, to send off, to finish off, to kill 
lanzar  - to throw, to hurl, to pitch, to launch, to roll out 
propinar  - to give, to strike 
asestar  - to aim, to point (a weapon), to deliver, to deal (a blow) 
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