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verb | verbo

define verb

unfavorite favorite play sound
defined, has defined, is defining, defines
delimitar, demarcar; aclarar, definir

Example sentences of
define verb

  • The government study seeks to define urban poverty.
  • a term that is difficult to define
  • Her book aims to define acceptable social behavior.
  • She believes that success should be defined in terms of health and happiness.
  • That fence defines the far edge of the property.

Synonyms of
define verb

Detailed synonyms for define verb

See: Prescribe

definir verbo

to define; to determine

Reverse translation for define

delimitar  - to demarcate, to define, to specify 
demarcar  - to demarcate 
aclarar  - to get light, to dawn, to clarify, to explain, to resolve, to lighten, to clear up 
definir  - to define, to determine 
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